They have done it!




It happens all around the world....and they are many... youth ARE making a concrete and solid contribution to a peaceful future of our world.


Initiative What?  




The United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY Peacebuilders) is a global network of young people and youth organisations active in the field of peacebuilding and conflict transformation. The UNOY Peacebuilders as a network organization contributes to the work of its members and affiliates in two fundamental ways: Capacity building and Advocacy. It also engages in a range of additional activities to support these two key functions: Networking, Sharing of information, Advice and support through a pool of resource persons, Research, Fundraising and Administrative support. Learn more...


And a Child Shall Lead: Children's Movement for Peace and Return to Happiness


With a bold gesture that captured the national imagination, Colombian children pointed the way toward peaceful resolution of
South America’s longest-running civil war. Other young people are trying to keep that spirit alive. Learn more...

Amnesty International



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Youth Peacebuilding Initiative



The Youth Peacebuilding Initiative operates throughout the Sudan except in South and West Darfur. The initiative works both with individual youths and through workshops and youth groups. It offers training in conflict mediation, conflict transformation, and peacebuilding thereby enabling the youth to undertake peacebuilding activities of their own at local, state, and national levels.



Peacebuilding Through Song



Children are the future and will one day be leaders of the nation. Children should know and be aware of non-violent culture and the tools and techniques of non-violent conflict resolution from an early age. They can incorporate non-violent tools and techniques for conflict resolution such as dialogue, facilitation, mediation and negotiation in their daily life as necessary. In addition, they can transfer a culture of peace to others. Taking this into account, the Rural Development Centre (RDC) developed and implemented "Peacebuilding through Song" to promote such goals throughout 2006, with almost all schools in Sankhuwa Sabha district participating in the peace-oriented folk song competition. Learn more...



Peer education on HIV/AIDS and drug abuse prevention



This initiative focuses on one of the objectives of the GPKT Youth Council – the establishment of a youth-for-youth training group, a cross-border and multi-ethnic group of youths from Serbian, Macedonian and Albanian ethnicity and nationality. It began with peer training sessions in primary schools in the micro-region. Six training sessions on HIV/AID prevention followed in May 2006, and a further seven in September and November/December 2006. Following a training of trainers sessions, the youth trainers held seven workshops on drug abuse prevention, which is a significant problem in the region relating to the conflict. Learn more...



Young People Building Peace



This is a Youth As Peace Educators project, developed by Plan and Colombian non-government organisation CINDE. With the project being named a ‘Best Practice’ example by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), the project could also be adopted in other Latin American countries where violence and social unrest has become intrinsic in society, including Haiti. The project gives youth at risk the opportunity to become peace promoters within their schools and communities, as well as allowing them to experience personal growth by developing their leadership, communication and conflict resolution skills. Learn more...





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