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The man modified almost entirely the cultivatable areas of our planet. "Wild lands" become almost an unknown concept.

Photo ©Yann Arthus-Bertrand



Many people think of soil pertaining rather to the mineral than to the organic world. Yet in one single spoon of soil there are over 50 billion organisms.

Human activity and monocultures endanger this soil. Each year 24 billion tons of fertile soil are lost.


Looking in the distance
I saw something move
Coming a little closer
I saw an animal
Coming a little closer still
I saw a man
Coming up real close
I saw my brother

Tibetan Tale


On average each Norwegian produces 757 kg of municipal waste per year, each German 601kg, each Italian 551 kg, each Polish 245kg and each Romanian 383 kg. More shopping, more packaging means more waste.

Photo ©Yann Arthus-Bertrand


1 in 4 mammal species, 1 out of 8 species of birds, and 2 in 5 amphibien species are endangered. Biodiversity is like a castle of cards. Too many cards going missing the entire castle might collapse.

Photo © Daniel Heuclin/Bios


A picture is worth 1000 words....goes the saying. And seeing our world in different postures means knowing more about her, about her needs about her potential, about her conflicts.

This page provides a few visual insights into our world and invites reflection and new perspectives.


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