Traveling Tips





Safety first and then all will go well. Take care to store your documents, money and important phone numbers (emergency, your guide, your hotel) in safe places or have a small purse to always carry them with you.

Look around, so that you are in populated places (when in doubt tourists are always a good indicator that the place is safe).

If you think pink the world is more likely to be pink :)

Don’t forget to pack your good sense of humor, coz during traveling there is plenty of chances to make fun and be made fun of…Smiling, openness and a good humor might open many doors!


You’ll get most of going somewhere from the people that you’ll meet. They have the insights about the place, they are the best informed about what you can see, about where is the best food and they might turn out to be good friends for a long time…

Take care of yourself. Make the best experience in the best body that you can have!

Be aware of taking care of your tiredness, of those late nights, of that cold rain that caught you in a summer t-shirt, and of course of too much food or drinks….


Curiosity might have killed the cat, but will definitely make you learn a lot. Keep asking questions about what’s the water supply of that city, what’s the coolest local band, what’s the weather like there in general….and just wait to see how curious people are when you get home with all those stories !

Do you really know where you are going? Read a bit or two of news about those places…that might spark a good conversation…a travel guide will do …asking a friend from there will do … watching the news from there will do ….

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