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Booktip septemberThe No-Nonsense Guide to Conflict
av Helen Ware

Last century was the most bloody in history, and already conflict in this century has taken a heavy toll. Most wars are now within countries rather than between states, and often it is civilians that suffer most, especially women and children. This century has also been one of the most active in terms of peacebuilding. New peace organizations are born, peace is studied in schools and universities, the Day of Peace is celebrated around the globe. This book is an invaluable guide for students, peace groups, and activists. It examines the changing types of war, including the war on terror and ethnic conflict such as in Rwanda, the role of diplomacy and the UN, and what steps ordinary people are taking to rebuild communities. It offers ideas and inspiration for creating lasting peace.



FNs rapport “Youth and violent Conflict: Society and Development in Crisis?"
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