Active for Peace at the young peacebuilders meeting in Budapest




Active for Peace! was represented at the UNOY study session in Budapest. The overall aim of the study session was to enhance applicability of peace building practices in youth work. 

That meant that participants went through training sessions on conflict transformation, peace education, mediation etc. The interaction was also spurred through international cultural evenings and movie nights. Space was also allowed for participants to present and share their experiences, skills and practices and in that way to broaden perspectives and exchanging ideas of best practices.  Participants came from many countries and that made dialogue, discussions and celebrations very interesting. Yugoslavia, Germany, Albania, Moldova, Romania, Pakistan, Nepal, France, Palestine, Israel, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Norway, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria and Netherlands were all represented with conflict practices, songs, food and music.  With so much intensity in one week everybody was quite sad when the moment came to pack our things and go home. Till next time!

This study session was organized in cooperation with the Earth Charter Youth Initiative (ECYI), Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR), and Youth Action for Peace (YAP). The study session was supported by the Council of Europe (COE). The study session took place from 2-9 March 2008, at the European Youth Center of the Council of Europe in Budapest, Hungary.

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