Skills of Peace





In order to be a great athlete you need to be strong, determined, patient and to know how to persevere. In order to be a good mathematician you need to work well with logic and numbers. In order to be an educator you need to be enthusiastic, be able to contagiate the others with the desire to learn. What do you need then in order to be a peaceworker? What are the skills you need and how can you train yourself to obtain them?

This section of our site will feature various ideas:


1. STOP. Cool down. It is ok to be angry, it is NOT ok to be mean.

2. DID YOU KNOW...that LOVE, appreciating each other as a person might turn the problem into a solution?

3. IDENTIFY what hurts? What are you needs and the others' needs? Are they different from your positions? Why?

4. THINK what could work out?

5. Ask both/ all side how they feel with the proposed solutions.

6. Listen to the visions of both/all side about their vision for the future with the proposed solution.

7. Forgive and move on.








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