Peacebuilding Toolkit


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What can you put your hands on when you embark on a peacebuilding project?

Find some suggestions bellow:

Peace values


They sustain and create a strong basis for peacebuilding action. A list of them might never be complete and increasing this list can never be too much...

Examples: positivism, diversity, dialogue, fair treatment, participation, ...


Peaceful means


They might indicate the way to go and they are always lighting the peacepath.

Examples: nonviolence, creativity,empathy

Models for action.


They put the complexities of life into a model and present it in a visual format.

Examples include: Conflict Pillars, Needs Pyramid, Actor Mapping, Conflict Analysis etc

Best Practices


They inspire, they tell stories of success and most importantly they are real life proofs that peace is possible.

For different examples click here

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