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"I want to make the world a better place" says Helga Arnzen, the founder of Travel for Peace and the inspiration for Activeforpeace.

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Johan Galtung is a Norwegian sociologist and a principal founder of the discipline of Peace and conflict studies. A matemathician and sociologist by academic background, Johan Galtung is the recipient of seven honorary doctorates. Weaving simple mathematical logic and basic human needs into the complexities of human theory, Johan Galtung contributed to the creation of the TRANSCEND method, which he later on used in both high level peace negotiations and negotiations of inter-personal conflict. A fascinating interlocutor, Johan Galtung remains one of the most cited persons in the field of peacebuilding.


jane addams

Jane Addams was a founder of the U.S. Settlement House movement, and the first American woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Addams helped organize the Women's Peace Party and the International Congress of Women in an effort to avert the first World War. In 1917, after America entered the war, she was expelled from the Daughters of the American Revolution. In 1919 she was elected first president of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, the successor organization to the Women's Peace Party. She continued in the presidency until her death.


john lennon John Lennon, the author of "Give Peace a Chance" was a very intense anti-war activist. Imagining all the people living and singing life in peace, he stands together with an increasing number of pop stars who advocate peace through their own art and actions.
jannette rankin


Jeanette Rankin, (1880-1973) First woman to enter U.S. House of Representative in 1917. Lost her seat in Congress when she voted against entry in WWI.


martin luther king jr Martin Luther King, Jr. one of the main leaders of US Civil Rights Movement, he was the youngest person to receive a Nobel Peace Prize for his strong, yet nonviolent actions against racial segregation and discrimination.


More examples of peacebuilders active today thoughout the world can be explored through the TRANSCEND Members. TRANSCEND is a Peace and Development Network for Conflict Transformation by peaceful means.




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