What is conflict?



Think ‘conflict’… Have you ever experienced it? If no…please tell us your secret!
If yes, what images come to your mind? The most common answers are fight, war, violence, misunderstanding, anger, frustration, fear etc…Some of you might have also thought of creativity, technological advance new ideas…

Indeed, conflict represents a complex phenomenon, sometimes constructive, sometimes destructive and which in its basic sense is:

CONFLICT = a situation in which the party (ies) perceive or experience incompatible goals

Sometimes the goals are not at all incompatible, but people are driven into the dynamics of a conflict by external factors.
Can you think  of other examples?
Sometimes the goals might only seem incompatible, and actually only the positions are incompatible whereas the deeper needs coincide. Can you think of other examples?

And sometimes the goals and needs are truly incompatible and that is when we talk about a deep-rooted conflict.

In each case, the conflict passes through a series of stages often depicted as follows:

MenneskeverdGraph Conflict Faces
here you can put in text who explain the picture

Etc etc
or nothing

The peacebuilding process can take place at any of these stages and depending on where/ how it takes place the graph can change into a peacebuilding process or an escalation of violence. 

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